Originating in the Midwest, Shad moved to Dallas in the early nineties. Soon after Shad re-formed Dallas heavy weight "Psycho Betty" which quickly attained the interest of Los Angeles based Reality Records [more]

Nate Giles
by Akinori Furukoshi
It wasn’t until age fifteen that the seeds of rock were planted for Nate. He was filling in for his sister on a babysitting job for some family friends, Doug and Robin Baker. [more]

Andrew Jones
I was born back in the Eighties. It was a terrible decade. The "thing to do" was to listen to "trained" musicians create awful music that involved WAY too much hair spray! [more]

Kaylan Romero
Originally born in San Diego, Kaylan came to hollyweird with his parents at the tender age of 3 to pursue a career in Pictures. Lending a hand to such popular television shows as Family Ties Kaylan went on to be nominated in the 10th annual Youth in Film Awards [more]