Kaylan Romero

Originally born in San Diego, Kaylan came to hollyweird with his parents at the tender age of 3 to pursue a career in Pictures. Lending a hand to such popular television shows as Family Ties Kaylan went on to be nominated in the 10th annual Youth in Film Awards for "BEST YOUNG ACTOR GUEST STARRING IN A DRAMA or COMEDY SERIES" but was beat out by Chad Allen for "my two dad's" WHAT A GYP! Kaylan was still a winner in his Dad's eyes. The best award any 5 year old could ever get, the complete 1988 collection of Ghost Busters toys. You name it and it was there! Play time was soon over as Kaylan got his first whiff of Teen Spirit! Studying scripts and characters became a thing of the past. Music was taking over quick! With such huge influences as Dave Grohl playing drums came naturally. Kaylan was even a regular church goer so he could get an extra chance to sit behind a kit! Since a full drum set isn't very practical in a small apartment, there was only one thing left for a musically frustrated teen to do ... Beg for a guitar! Everything seemed to fall into place Christmas Day. Kaylan's wishes were finally heard by jolly old’ Saint Nick, and his Mom! Rockin' his way through Elementary School, Kaylan bent and broke his fair share of strings. One day on a bike ride home a familiar voice shouted "HEY LARRY!" Kaylan's Diamond Back came to a screeching halt. Looks left, looks right “OVER HERE”! Still, no one to be found! Later at home Kaylan puzzled his pieces trying to figure out who this phantom shouter could be. The next day at recess Andrew Jones was seen, (or heard rather) on the B-Ball courts yakking it up with some friends. Suddenly it all became crystal clear to Kaylan that this was indeed the culprit! After some chatting over a few rounds of OJ Kaylan learned that he had a new neighbor, and Andrew learned that Kaylan not only had a drum machine, but a shiny new guitar as well! From then on the better part of their afternoons were spent jamming on Nirvana, setting off fireworks or building and launching model rockets!