Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

After about 4 years S-Dub is calling it quits. We'd like to thank everyone for all the love and support. Our last show is at Zen Sushi tonight.


Many moons ago SW hit the streets with photographer Britney Something (I gotta find out lasty) to get some shots for our newest press kit. One broken stall and many violated privacies later and here you have it. We had a blast, Enjoy ! Photo Shoot '04

I got some really cool pants for christmas

11/29/2003 Sick Water is has set the wheels in motion. We now are the proud owners of a ford 15 passanger van that we're gonna use to tour in. We're going to start booking a tour now for March. Hopefully until then we can get shows in San Diego, Las Vegas, San Fran etc. on the weekends.

Oh yeah It's a V-10

Sick Water Finds Number 8!!!

Sick Water had it's first practice with it's new line up last night. Shad (the new bassist) learned ten songs in one night! The band is excited to play it's first show in almost two months on the 25th of October at The Cobalt Cafe. Visit the upcoming shows section for more details.