Andrew Jones

I was born back in the Eighties. It was a terrible decade. The "thing to do" was to listen to "trained" musicians create awful music that involved WAY too much hair spray! Needless to say, my birth made the year a little less awful. I'd tell you about my birth and how I remember everything but that probably wouldn't interest you much.I know why you're here! You came to find out something halfway interesting about the lanky guy on the drumset. Okay then, on with the biography!

Growing up I favored riding bicycles and practicing my aerobics with my sister, Leigh Jones. Seriously! I wasn't able to do both at the same time, but practice does make perfect. Coming from a musical family, I sang commercially at a young age. My earlier work as a vocalist included "Power Rangers Christmas Carols", "Kawasaki Had a Mule", and a tasty duet in "The Prince and the Pauper" with E.G. Daily who played "Tommy" on Nickelodeon's Rugrats. After my voice started to crack *giggles* (sorry, that subject still makes me uncomfortable!), you could probably guess that I didn't get much vocal work.

At the age of 13 I met a comrade named Kaylan Romero in Elementary school. We would play spin the bottle and "Dare" behind the cafeteria with girls after school. Kaylan and the D.A.R.E. program gave me insight and strength to continue with my life after being wrought with puberty. You see, Kaylan played the guitar, and indeed I thought it gnarly of him to rock the riffs of the current GOOD MUSIC (Not the 80's anymore mind you). I began to listen to rock and roll, and really apreciate it for what it was; a good time.

I fondly remember playing Smells Like Teen Spirit in my backyard to a sold-out crowd (C'mon, it was a small backyard and BOTH my Mom AND my Dad showed up) with Kaylan on Guitar and and me debuting on the drumset. From then on I had been embedded with the seed of Rock and Roll, and the fun of making music. I played a mean desk all the way through Junior High and High school because a drumset costed too much.

Fast forward a few years and there I was, sporting dated Nikes and pretending that I was a baller at the local Church. This night will be in the history books. Fellow teammate and known hacker Nate Giles started talking about forming a band. Quickly I learned that Nate's guitar hacking was something that you just can't call foul on!

And me? I had recently placed first place at Guitar Center's DESK DRUMATHON ! I was desperately ready for drums. I knew a friend who had a drum set for $ale and Nate decides we should go pick them up. This was such an honorable deed that I removed the sword from my side, crossed it over Nate's shoulders and dubbed him "The Wallet"!

Our musical endeavors soon reunited Kaylan and I, and thankfully landed us with Justin Seven on bass. So here I am, Proud member and Founding Father of Sick Water!


- Andrew