Ten Tips to Look Great in Your Prom Tuxedo

Prom is approaching and you want to impress your date and classmates with your cool sense of style. Don't blow it! These pictures will last a lifetime. Use these ten tips to help you attain a look that will make an impression and stand the test of time. 1) Let your personality shine! Just because you have to dress in a tux doesn't mean it must be the traditional, boring penguin suit. Dress up your tux with accessories that reflect your personal style.

Don't be afraid to set the trend! Try a unique tux shirt and adorn it with a cool-looking vest and tie. For the quintessential "Always one in the crowd" personality, a top hat, gloves and cane will do the trick. 2) Show your true colors! Unlike many formal affairs, prom night is a festive event at which you can exhibit your flair by wearing interesting colors in your tie, vest or cummerbund. Remember.If you really want to score big with your date, coordinate your accessories with the color of her dress. What woman could resist a man who thinks of her? 3) Sweet old memories.

Don't forget, these photos will last a lifetime. The wrong outfit could cause years of embarrassment. So don't choose something silly, tacky or over-the-top just to get a laugh out of your friends.

Trust me, your mother will have this picture on the mantel for years to come. 4) The fitting image! The tux must fit properly. In a nutshell: Too big and it looks like you are wearing your dad's clothes; too tight, and it looks like it shrank while you were wearing it. The tuxedo should fit comfortably without pulling, puckering, sagging or drooping. 5) Accessories add the finishing touch.

Finish off the look of your tuxedo with the right accessories, which include a vest or cummerbund, tie or bow tie, tuxedo shirt, tuxedo shoes, pocket square, cufflinks and studs and the right hosiery. 6) The "do." A great haircut can make the look. It does you no good to get all dressed up if your hair is a mess. The week before the big day, get your hair cut and then play around with it to make sure you get the look you want for the prom. 7) When a little bling is required.

Tuxedo shirts require cufflinks and studs. Here is where you can flaunt your personal taste, by choosing from simple gold knots to gorgeous inlays. You don't have to spend a fortune.

Unless the set is under a jeweler's loupe, costume cufflinks and studs will achieve the same look. 8) Remember what Mama said! Make sure that you have your tux pressed, clean and ready to go on prom night. Don't leave it crumpled on your closet floor or the back seat of your car. Wrinkles, spots and creases will ruin your look. 9) To "tie" for.

The four-in hand tie is a great look, but you may need some practice to get the perfect knot. A week before, have Dad or a friend show you how, so you don't have last-minute stress. Real bow-ties can be tricky. We suggest a pre-tie to look great with less stress. 10) Remember Fred Astaire? Your tuxedo will require tuxedo shoes.

These are not the same as your everyday dress shoes. They are shiny patent leather. To ward off prom night blisters, wear them a little a few days before to get used to them and break them in. Enjoy and have fun! So enjoy yourself and have the time of your life! Just remember.

don't procrastinate. Plan ahead one or two months prior to your prom to give yourself time to get the look you want. Copyright (c) 2008 Janine Giorgenti.

Janine Giorgenti is a renowned image consultant, fashion designer, and custom clothier. Visit www.bestcustomtuxedo.com for more advice and fashion tips.

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