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Not all countries in the world are as fortunate as the US and other developed European countries, today children and women are the largest group affected by drought, civil war and other natural calamities. In Africa alone, there are thousands of children who loose their parents each day in civil war or drought. Charities and missions all over the world have started pooling in their resources to help people throughout the world, and one of the most important resources for charities is now the internet.

An ever increasing number of charities have started using the internet as a means to not only spread awareness of the various programmes they are running, but also to accept donations online to help fund their cause. A visit to sites like www.globalimpactresources.

org will show you that online charity portals are now a reality, and there is a constant need individuals like you and me to improve our self awareness and give to such causes. If you are looking for a charity or in particular a Christian mission then this article is intended to make your search for a charity portal simpler. In general it is a good idea to choose a charity portal that does not focus on helping only a particular community or a particular group of people, in fact the more diverse the portfolio of the charity, the better the chances of your donations being utilised to the maximum. So if you are looking for a charity to donate to, then look for one that works on various projects like building houses, schools and providing shelter to refugees, the more diverse the area of operations of a charity, the better the utilisation of funds.

There is a popular misconception that Christian missionaries help only people in Christian countries, this is simply not true Christian missions are working in countries like Ethiopia to help its people and children lead better lives after the civil war and drought they have seen. If you are looking to choose a charity like a Christian mission, then make sure the mission too is operating in many countries, for example not only helps children in Africa, it is also working on a project to restore a historical church in Budapest, choosing similar charities has its advantages, not only do they spread the name of the lord, they also help people in different countries. No matter what part of the world you are from, almost all charities today accept international credit cards as a means to receive donations, if you are looking to make a difference in this world, you can either make a donation to a charity, or better still you can actually offer your services to a mission and they will best know how to utilise your skills. Remember money is just one of the things you can donate to help charities, your time and skills are equally appreciated and important.

If you want to make a difference just choose a charity or mission of your choice, and help make the world a better place.

John Matthew is the author of this article on charity portals. Find more information about charity portalshere.

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