Four Great Ways to Add to Your Superman Collection

Looking for ways to expand your collection of Superman memorabilia, but you've exhausted your local stores? Building a collection is fun, but often you'll need to go outside of your local shops. There are a ton of ways to start a Superman collection of memorabilia, and lots of great ways to add to your collection, too. See the tips below to get off to a great start: 1. Explore garage sales. Garage sales often carry hidden gems for the serious collector.

Set aside a full day, and make a list of garage sales to check out. When you arrive, ask the person holding the sale whether they have anything related to Superman. And even if they don't think they do, it's often worth it to take a closer look. If you spot something you want for your collection, you're likely to get it for a very good price. 2.

Explore eBay. Check out eBay often - the selection of items available changes all the time, and there's a very good chance you'll find something that you like, and be able to bid a good price for it. Keep an eye on your budget and make sure you check out the seller's feedback, too. Search the eBay site with specific keywords - this will usually turn up more collectibles listing than a more general keyword. Use terms like "memorabilia", "vintage" and "collectible" when searching.

3. Friends are a fantastic source. Tell all your friends that you collect Superman stuff, and ask them to tell their friends and relatives, too.

Be specific about what you're looking for. And make sure you let them know that you'd love to receive a quick email or phone call from them if they spot anything related to Superman. 4. Search online. Aside from eBay, there are lots of sites that either sell collectibles, or provide information about where to get collectibles. For example, a site like Surfilicious.

com is a great place to find things like Superman jewelry.

Surfilicious offers lots of great information on collectibles, including items like Superman pendants and Superman rings. While you're visiting Surfilicious at, don't forget to sign up for the Surfilicious newsletter, too!

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