A HowTo Guide For Healthy Fundraising

Success or failure in fundraising has as much to do with planning as anything else. While there are different ways to go about creating a plan you intend to follow, it is important to be mindful of the following when doing so. 1. Commitment To Healthy Fundraising Well, first and foremost is the commitment to the idea you won't be selling candy or other junk food.

This is key for a number of reasons. First, you will be contributing to a healthier America; Second, you will be part of a new trend in fundraising. Finally, if you are in the public school system, you may well be required to fundraise with snacks that meet specific healthy fundraising guidelines. For example, California has implemented guidelines requiring snack items to be less than 35% fat, less than 35% sugar, and less than 10% saturated fat (with nut and nut butter exclusions).

These will be implemented as mandatory over the next year. 2. Fundraising Goal Next, you need to decide how much money you wish to raise. From there, you'll have to delve into the math of the healthy fundraiser. You'll take the number of members in your organization, and multiply that times the expected profit per case or box sold, multiplied again by how many cases or box you expect each member to sell. 3.

What To Watch Out For In terms of direct sales consumables, its important to make sure that, with sufficient sized orders, you can attain 50% profit margin. Additionally, always ask about extra incentives or bonuses. These won't always be advertised, but you can often get your sales representative to make you a special deal. Additionally, make sure you don't ever have to absorb shipping costs.

You should receive product, which when sold, will cover your shipping, or you should find another Fundraising Distributor to go through. 4. Allowing Proper Time Begin Planning at least two weeks before you expect to begin your healthy fundraiser.

This will allow a few days of going the logistics of what will need to be done, then allowing 7-10 days for delivery. 5. Don't Pay Up Front As a school, youth group, or church organization, you should receive credit, where you don't pay in advance, but instead pay within a certain time after you take delivery.

Many, though not all fundraising distributors, provide this. 6. Be A Positive Leader Sales is not the easiest thing in the world. It's easy for fundraising group members, especially kids, to get discouraged and think they can't sell the items. This is where leaders come in to provide encouragement and support.

7. Set Time Guidelines and Stick To Them Usually a week is good for the event. Start on Monday and end on Friday.

By Wednesday and Thursday, really begin encouraging those who are behind in sales to step up to the plate and give it their best effort. 8. Ask Questions You are the leader of your group, but feel free to rely on your fundraising distributor to answer any questions you have.

9. Keep Records Make notes of what worked and what didn't so that each subsequent fundraiser will be more successful than the last. And most importantly, be proud of yourself for helping raise money for a great organization through healthy fundraising.

Alec Moreland is concerned with fostering healthy eating habits and fighting obesity in our Nation's Youth. Learn to combine fundraising with promoting a Healthy America at http://healthyfundraisingsolutions.com/ Contact Alec at alec@healthyfundraisingsolutions.com

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